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Zero Strike 2 Poll Closed don't vote

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Which enemy?
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X-Emerlad Courage
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Monster X
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PostPosted: Sun Jul 26, 2009 3:40 am    Post subject: Zero Strike 2 Poll Closed don't vote Reply with quote

This is the sequel to Zero Strike, As you knwo this was supposed to be called: Zero Strike 2 King Ghidorah's raid: The X of might and the space beast But I couldn't fit that! Embarassed
Before I start us off, I must say that the series will feature Zero strike 3 Orga tramples King Ghidorah: The valiant dragon, Zero strike 4 King Ghidorah conquers Nebula M: Gigan's unrelenting fury, and zero strike 5 Battle of time: King Ghidorah's final stand and the war for peace! The series will not attempt comedy like the first one Zero strike: Planet X's counter-attack. In ZS 5 King Ghidorah will face Mecha-KG along with the opponent that wins this poll.

King Ghidorah rises from the ocean where the Xiliens had exiled his unconsious body to, Letting out a scream, the Xiliens will know know the extent of their arrogence! Twisted Evil
ZERO STRIKE 2 King Ghidorah's raid the X of might and the space beast

The ruins of Japan had now been changed to Xtopia, home of the Xiliens. The new controler, Kaniko Fuji, was prepared for anything like what Ghidorah did so he made the XEA ( X extermination alliance) create a new mech with connections to an alternative universe called "The Emerald rift".

This new mech would be called the X-emerald Might. It would fight any monster that would dare defy Xtopia. It's pilot would be a human slave, Akira Namikawa (Mai's surviving brother) and it would be armed with the Mirror Modifier a special weapon that would fire at the opposing force and casue it's brain to have major obsessions with power driving the creature mad, and into it's own overpowing doom. It is also armed with several missile pods and a maser cannon, and can fire emerald bolts from it's eyes transporting the target to the emerald rift where it would be broken apart by several supernatural mirrors that float around. The mech itself can go into the emrald rift and not be affected, which is ideal for defending Xtopia.

King Ghidorah flew towards Xtopia only to be stopped by an energy barrier. King Ghidorah zapped the sourve of the energy barrier, which was a large copy of Tokyo Tower. The barrier faded away granting the dragon access.

An earthquake hit the capitol of Xtopia. "DEPLOY IT NOW!!!!111!!!"

The X-Emerald Might was sent into battle. King Ghdiorah crushed a bridge under it's foot. He zapped tanks and rippped apart high tech jets. He caused Earthquakes everytime he stepped. Buildings fell when he roared. HE WAS KING GHIDORAH!!

The mech ahd reached King Ghidorah. "Mai....... this space beast. WILL FAAAL!!!!!!!!!!111!!!" He screamed while shooting missiles. King Ghidorah used his gravitey spead to level the mech. "Let's take this to my territory!"

Ghidorah was shot by the eye bolts and was teleported to the emerald rift. The mech had watched as mirrors confronted Ghidorah. Ghidorah fought off all but one mirror, which was behind him. " Good time for.... THIIIIIIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" The Mirror Modifier was shot at King Ghidorah who jumped before it could hit, letting the mirror absorb it and fire it back at X-Emerald. "YES YES YEEES!!! MEHEHHEH!! I NEED MORE POWER!! I WILL DESTROY ALL WHO OPPOSE ME!!!" Said Akira, now a crazed demon. Emerald thrusted towards King Ghidorah, tackling it. Ghidorah shot gravitiey beams at Emerald. Emerald unloaded all of it's energy into King Ghidorah. Ghidorah fell to the ground screaming. Ghidorah struggled. He eventually absorbed the energy into it's own stream giving it tremondous power. Ghidorah calmed itself and got on his feet and began inhaling the oxygen. Akira was so crazed he fell to the ground, dead, leaving the X-Emerald Might immobile. Ghidorah unleashed an electrical pulse destroying the mech for good. He was teleported out of the Emerald rift, and then flew away.

Orga looked at planet earth. "HRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW!""

GREATEST SIG EVER. Thanks to the master of varan, Varanmaster58!
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