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PostPosted: Fri Jul 31, 2009 12:58 am    Post subject: ZERO STRIKE FINALE Reply with quote

Yuri and Tomoko were promoted to pilot the MKG. They would face off with King Ghidorah to determine the fate of existence. They would undergo:
Zero strike Finale The battle of time: King Ghidorah's last stand and the war for peace!

King Ghidorah's injuries were fully healed. he went to Mount Fuji, becasue he sensed Varan there and he was hungry. By the time he got there Varan was eating a fallen Titanosaurus. Double the food for Ghidorah. Varan glared at Ghidorah and began gliding at him. Ghidorah started flying and shot Varan out of the sky with gravitey beams. King Ghidorah landed and bit Varan. Varan screamed in horror.

MKG was an amazing sight. Gravitey beams, a triple maser cannon, a mechanical machine hand, and Ghidorah capture cables. It can also make it's own electricitey to regenerate and charge for electrical pulses. However all that get's rid of the abilitey to absorb electricitey. The mech was currently preparing to hunt down King Ghidorah.

Varan was now winning. He glided at Ghidorah and pounded him under his weight. Ghidorah used an electrical pulse on Varan. Varan was no more.

Yuri and Tomoko picked up King Ghidorah on the radar. They landed at Mount Fuji. King Ghidorah was eating Varan. "Yuri fire the machine hand!" ordered Tomoko. The machine hand collided with Ghidorah and grabbed him. The hand discharged electricitey into Ghidorah who absorbed it and turned it into an electrical pulse that snapped the cables. "Darn it, Tomoko! Stupid dragon!" Shouted Yuri. "Yuri were inside a stupid dragon now but ours isn't as stupid! And ours is also a machine! Now Yuri fire the triple maser and the gravitey beams.!' Orderd Tomoko. The beams collided with Ghidorah who was now ready to fight. "Aye Tomo when it comes to battling King Ghidorah, aren't I just aMASEing?" said Yuri

King Ghidorah began to bite MKG, who bit back. "Yuri fire the hhyper electric pulse!" commanded Tomoko. Ghidorah absorbed the pulse and fired his own with more power. "Moguera never had these problems!" Yuri said giggling a little.

King Ghidorah cackled and flew away, making a U-turn and than crushing MKG under his weight. King Ghidorah bit into MKG's wings where his electricitey is stored and absorbed it. King Ghidorah than flew away incasing itself into it's magnetic meteor form, pulling MKG closer. Just as MKG was about to collide Ghidorah changed back and unleashed an electrical pulse that sent MKG down to the ground. Ghidorah absorbed Varan and Titanosaurus's bodies for energy. "Tomoko walk towards King Ghidorah!" ordered Yuri. "Alright!" replied Tomoko. Mkg rushed forward, tackling King Ghidorah. Ghidorah bit MKG's wings for more electricitey. MKG hit Ghidorah with his tails.Ghidorah got back up and uppercutted MKG with all three heads and than jumped and did a dive kick on MKG while he was still in the air, making MKG fall to the ground under Ghidorah's weight.

King Ghidorah cackled. MKG got up and tried escaping. "TOMOKO DON"T MAKE IT RUN AWAY!!" shouted Yuri. "I'm not the thing as two minds of it's own you know!" retorted Tomoko. Ghidorah jumped at MKG using a very strong electrical pulse, casuing MKG to hit the ground.

"Tomoko let's bail!" said Yuri. "alright!" replied Tomoko. They escaped from Mecha king Ghidorah which blew up.

"Tomoko we failed to kill that monster. We had fun fighting it. We lived. and we willl continue to live. Together. Only in fear of one name: KING GHIDORAH

GREATEST SIG EVER. Thanks to the master of varan, Varanmaster58!
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