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Zero Strike: Planet X's counter-attack

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 24, 2009 5:09 am    Post subject: Zero Strike: Planet X's counter-attack Reply with quote

The controler paced in his office.... "Earth..... We need a new planet and that is the name of the light at the end of the cave."
ZERO STRIKE:Planet X's counter-attack
Mai Namikawa looked through her files. "nothing new? Nothing is ever new" she mumbled with anger. She heard a knock on her office door. "come in" she said. In rushed her assistant Ishiro Toyota (pun intended) "miss Prime Minister, a speech has been scheduled in--" a fizzle on Mai's TV interrupted him. "We are the people of planet X! We attacked youre planet in 1965 and we are back! About points back! We have sent Monster Zero to destroy your world! We will colonzie you." Mai through the remote at the TV. "Cheap SCIFI movie!" She said while Ishiro stood still. "OMG WE ARE GOING TO DIE" Ishiro screamed. "Now now hush up, boy! No SCIFI movie should scare you" She said. Ishiro mumbled and ran out. Mai heard a strange noise that sounded like a dying cat that just drank 71 gallons of red bull. She turned to see a three headed dragon glaring into her office through the window. "Take me. Nothing interesting ever happens anyway!" The dragon turned back "You fool! your just like the monsters from Hoto or whatever!" the dragon's two tails than hit the window, thrusting the building into ruins.

"This is Yuri takawhatever and a three headed space dragon has been attacking tokyo ever since that cheap scifi movie aired! The GDF are doing nothing but watching the Rambo movies on DVD while the city is trampled by the beast! All I wanted was to see--" The reporter stuttered before being stepped on by the dragon. All the TVs were being taken over again. "The kaiju's name is Ghidorah, Monster zero! He will kill you all! Not even all the whole dragonball manga series will make us stopped! Youre gonna get OWNED! Like property OWNERship! Yeah!"

The GDF just launched a few tanks and Jets cause they didn't wanna miss the season premeire of the Oprah Whinfrey show. So Ghidorah just destroyed everything. He fired a gravitey beam at Tokyo tower that had than began to shoot enrgy everywhere. " uuuuuuuuummm..... what should we do, man. That monster looks pretty big..." The GDF soldiers said before getting shocked by a gravitey beam.

King Ghidorah destroyed all of japan. An Xilien UFO came down to earth to start colonizing the ruins. "Ghidorah go attack america!" The contrler ordered. Ghidorah roared while thrusting his head toward the contoller, eating him. No one commands Ghidorah the three-headed monster!

He attacked america anyway. He destroyed the dairy plants in wisconsin, the arches in Utah and the rockys in colorado. He destroyed Chicago, only after some photo opps with the G-fest Attenders. Soon all of america was trembling. Arriving in wahington D.C., He Destroyed the white house and the lincoln memorial. Than he bought some postcards to send to Granny-Ghidorah from the smithsonian before destroying it.

The military was so caught up in IRAUQ that they didn't even try to fight off Ghidorah.

He went to Peru to eat some Guinea pigs and than destroyed the rest off the americas. Since Europe is so small it didn't take long for him to beat up th british people. Not counting the Tea Partys. He than went to North Korea.

"AYE dis dragon thing. ees not strong as our nuclear weapons!" They were wrong. They got owned as with the rest of aisia. Ghidorah flew back to japan and was confronted by some new tanks and jets. These were made by the Xiliens. "No one kills our controler... Except our Xbox one but we digress! Xiliens...... FIRE!!!!"

King Ghidorah was somewhat harmed by the pathetic human-like alien number obsessed robotic things. He fought off waves of the forces. He was than so tired he fell to the ground. "I never thought it would come to this. The chances off us killing Monster 0 were about" ( I better skip that part)

After the pointless random number talking. The Xiliens began building their new home. But Ghidorah opened his eye...... LONG LIVE THE KING.

Next: King Ghidorah's raid: The X of might and the space beast!

GREATEST SIG EVER. Thanks to the master of varan, Varanmaster58!
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